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Dough Diary Bake Notes to self

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Dough Diary Bake Notes to self

Tue Mar 16

Goal:  to see how open of a crumb i can get with this formula or what kind of a crumb. 

Artisan SD made simple modified cinnamon swirl dough formula . Modified to 450g apf, 50g ww, 73% hydration. almost fridge cold water  no inclusions.  recipe says BF at 21 c for 8-10 hrs. but if   i don't want to be shaping at  2-4 am i better slow it down.  so i autolysed it at about 18c then decided if i used fridge cold water i better just do it at 21c. I'm hoping dough will be ready to shape at about 6 am.  

5pm autolyse

5:45 -6 started BF

6:30 first round of s and f

7:00 second round then had to go to costco

8:45 third round , didn't do a 4th  as BF was already into almost 3 hrs. (didn't want to de gas) 

Wed Mar 17

slept in  

7am dough at 6.5 c mark, was at 3.5 to start.  surrounding temp was about 19.5  started shaping routine, pull dough out rest 10 min, first shape, rest 10 min tighten , into fridge .  I decided to do a second shape.  got brave.  dough seemed pretty strong. 

6:55 started preheating dutch oven to 450, planning to do one straight score down batard. not too deep

7:28 scored then into oven lid on for 20 min , removed lid after 20 , dropped temp to 420 for 30 min .  with 12 min left in the 30 i dropped to 415.  opened oven to turn the pot.  kinda dark with 12 min left to go and the recipe asks for another 10 min baked out of the pot which i didn't used to do. but will try it to prevent gumminess . i tented the loaf for the last 10 min

Also made basic no knead foccacia from same book.  followed to the tee.  with temperature variations.  everyone loved it but i thought it was kinda heavy.  topped with zaatar , sesame seeds sea salt.  used 2TB of evoo instead of 3.  next time put in smaller pan and even out more.  ends were thinner this time

crumb shot:  def more open than the 70% hydration one wit 10% ww.  would still prefer a lighter crumb.  it's a bit heavy i think