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The Rye Baker Kindle Edition

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The Rye Baker Kindle Edition


I am interested in purchasing Stanley Ginsberg's The Rye Baker—Kindle Edition. One recent review of the Kindle edition says that it is very hard to follow the recipes. The reviewer returned the Kindle and purchased the hardbound book.

Does anyone else have the Kindle edition and is it readable? I have the Kindle edition Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads and I have had no problem following the recipes.


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I have the Kindle version and have no problems reading. I wonder if the reviewer was aware that you can hover over an icon and see a large page zoom of all Baker’s Percentage charts.

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Thank you for the info on the book. I'm still mulling it over, but I think the Amazon reviewer may have not known about your tip.

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I purchased the Kindle edition and I would have to agree that the tables are hard to read. They can be expanded to a larger size and are even more readable on a PC screen with the Kindle viewer. But it's not so bad that I would return it.

The Kindle edition of Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads is much easier to read.


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Amazon lets you download a free sample.   

I just checked, and there is a "send free sample" button on this book's Kindle page.


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Thank you for the suggestion. I had never noticed the sample button. I got the sample and it looks like it should be OK, but no recipes (even a partial) were shown in the sample.

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I may well have been the person who wrote the Amazon review. 

Yes, on an Android Tablet running Kindle the charts in this book are fine. There is an icon by every chart which pops it out to make it readable. I don't think that was there when I first reviewed this book.

There is no such icon on the PC version. On a PC it's possible to change the text size to make it very large indeed and then the charts are readable. It's a bit of a pain switching back and forth because there are so many charts. It is doable though.

Amazon is very good with Kindle Books and refunds. I mostly buy books on Kindle even if I want the paper version because I can check the book out first, get a refund and then order the paper copy. Amazon offer a no quibble 7 day refund on Kindle books. 


A great book though.