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Incredible online bakery in Canada

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Incredible online bakery in Canada

I would like to give a shout-out to LoafBunny Breads for being an incredible online bakery. They offer an abundant amount of products such as banana bread, lemon poppyseed loaf, chocolate banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and many other products. If you have a moment and are from Canada, check them out!

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I just took a look. It seems from the phone number it's based in Toronto. And the site appears brand new via search engines on the URL. Is it your bakery? Is there a storefront? The pictures all look great. You almost had me at lemon poppy-seed donuts until I realized it was a loaf not donuts like the picture! ;) Good luck - I really hope it works for you!

PS. Bartholomew bakery also does online sales and delivery in the GTA. You could always take a peak at what their doing and compare notes. The market is surely big enough for many more.. I've ordered some stuff from them but otherwise have no connection to them!