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Bread Books for Sale

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Bread Books for Sale

A great collection of bread baking books for sale. Excellent gifts.

Jeffery Hamelman


Peter Reinhart

   Artisan Breads Every Day

   The Bread Baker's Apprentice

   Whole Grain Breads

Daniel Leader & Judith Blahnik

   Bread Alone

Paula Figoni

   How Baking Works

Sold as a collection for $75. Buyer pays shipping from Michigan USA. In order of acceptance.

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Welcome to TFL!  And thanks for posting your offer here.

BTW, it would help potential buyers to know the edition number/name.   Bread and TBBA have two editions. How Baking Works has 3.

and.... Whether each book is paperback or hardcover.

And what the condition each book is in, perhaps along the lines of Amazon reseller guidelines, explained at:


I already have the first five of those six. ;-)

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SheGar (not verified)