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Bread misshape

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Bread misshape



sorry for being a newbee to the backing world. Most of my breads shape very well, but every now and then, the bread tears during the proof phase, see image.

In this case i mixed wholegrain with simple flour and used 2 hours of first proof (this went really well) and 1 hour of second proof. During this second phase it misshapes and I dont dare to reshape it anymore at that phase. Probably some kind of rookie mistake. Any coaching is appreciated, cheers.



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Looks like a pre-shaping/shaping issue. Take a look at this King  Arthur video at about 9:00 for your type of shaped loaf.


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You can look at it 2 ways; the gluten isn't developed enough to handle the shaping, or the shaping was too much for the gluten that was developed. Either way, that appears to be the issue. Enjoy!