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News from the World Cup

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Drifty Baker

News from the World Cup

Has anyone heard any news about The Coupe Du Monde De La Boulangarie?  I know competion was to start on March 30 and I thought it ended today.  I know one of the bakers, Solvieg Tofte and wish her and the team well.



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Looking for something else, I serendipitously found an acount by Jeff Hamelman of Team America's experience in Paris this year. It's interesting, and some ot the photos of breads are astonishing.

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You can see the results and Team USA photos on on the Baking Team USA.  You do not need to be a member to access the results and the photos.

When you see the scores, you will realize how little stands between the podium and not... It was a contest well fought by Team USA.