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Vegan enriched doughs

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Vegan enriched doughs

Hello! I'm new to the forums and a newer bread baking enthusiast. I am also mostly plant based. I recently tried two really great recipes from The Domestic Gothess - - I wanted to share here for anyone interested in some vegan enriched doughs.

I didn't shape the milk bread correctly but it still turned out great. I used active dry yeast instead of instant in both recipes. I used homemade oat milk in both recipes. For the milk bread, I swapped the butter for coconut oil; for the brioche, I used olive oil. I omitted the vanilla from the brioche. The texture of the milk bread was excellent but it wasn't as sweet as I expected; the brioche also has a lovely texture and definitely tastes sweeter than the milk bread was. Both breads approved by omnivorous family members ;)

(Apologies - I can't figure out how to rotate images - can anyone tell me how to do that?)

Vegan Hokkaido Milk Bread

Top view of vegan Hokkaido milk bread

interior of vegan Hokkaido milk bread

Vegan Brioche

Top/side view of vegan brioche.

Interior view of brioche.

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Those look really good! I occasionally bake with soy milk instead of cow's milk and I don't notice any difference.

To the best of my knowledge, you need to rotate your photos before uploading them to the site. Most photo-editing or -viewing programs will let you do this. I just use Windows' default photo viewing program.

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Will try that next time :)