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Starter seems great, very little aeration in dough

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Teri Bills

Starter seems great, very little aeration in dough

Due to the nature of this year I accidentally killed my starter of several years and finally feel capable of maintaining a new one. It’s been a month and has been strong for a few weeks now. It rises and falls very predictably (1:1:1 reaches peak in about 1.5-2 hours, 1:5:5 reaches peak in under 7, all at 78-80, peak is 2.5-3x). But when I leaven anything with it I get almost no rise and very little aeration. I’ve never had this problem with what I feel is a strong starter.

i mix with a spatula and use 50/50 fresh ground hard red spring wheat and unbleached bread flour to feed. I also use the same flour for my baking. 

Any tips or insights or suggestions? I’m at a bit of a loss on what my next steps should be. 

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Hope much over how long isn't a sign of strength. After it peaks, stir vigorously, let it rise again - repeat the process and report how many times you can do that before it won't rise anymore. Enjoy!

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What percentages are you using for your loaf? Are you using tap water, is it chlorinated? How long are you waiting to see if it is rising? Double it and see if it is over proofs.  Is your kitchen colder than it was this summer?