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Baking buns in Combi oven - specifically, UNOX Bakertop 1

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Baking buns in Combi oven - specifically, UNOX Bakertop 1

Hi all!

I recently purchased a UNOX bakertop one oven. While I only do pastries and desserts I do occasionally bake a few burger buns, normal loafs and brioche.

I am having a really tough time understanding the best settings in terms of steam, temperature and  fan for burger buns, if anyone can provide some insight and help on this I would be really grateful!

Thanks a lot in advance!

P.s Merry Christmas!

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Hi Cerise  Your Avatar when clicked doesnt tell me were you are located, Im in Australia and we used to have 2x Unox Baker Tops for use in the small bakery section of the Hospitality Training  Resturant. . I think in the USA the same oven is marketed under the Cadco label,


here is an older article with some good pictures and info when the ovens were first acquired

Actually if you go to the search box and put in cadco /unox  a whole swag of posts will be shown and worth a read through. 

Interestingly a number of the contributors to the discussions have gone on to much bigger and better things .Varda , Khalid (Mebake) and Zita (baking badly) the last two gentlemen i have had the pleasure of meeting in person. Hope you find some good tips in the references provided  or otherwise you can contact me again and i will see if i can remember what settings i used to use at the college 

Kind regards Derek