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Loaves sticking to Blodgett deck

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Allegra E Kellorgg

Loaves sticking to Blodgett deck


I use a non-steam injected blodgett gas deck oven with a stone hearth. Because we don't have steam, we use a cast iron to keep steam and pre-steam by squirting water right on the deck. After we load the loaves, we spray them with water from a weed sprayer, and then squeeze more water on the decl and sides of the deck (with a ketchup bottle). This actually works really well steam wise, but the loaves stick to the oven pretty badly at times-I assume the moisture on the deck and the oven going down in temperature while the oven is open is what causes it. We start the oven at 450 degrees. I guess what I'm asking is...

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop the loaves from sticking to the deck?!


Thank you!


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Are you using a loader or doing it manually? In any case, why not coat the bottom of your loaves with more flour?