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Purple sweet potato sourdough

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Purple sweet potato sourdough

It's been a long time since I tried something weird.

Guys this method worked!

When using a large amount of sweet potatoes in one loaf(1/3+ of dough weight)

Instead of kneading the mash sweet potatoes in the dough(which change the whole structure of the dough if you're using that much) 

Or making 2 doughs and laminate together for the swirl

Pick one of your simple recipe, treat it like a puff pastry, encase the sweet potato in the dough and do your 3-4 coil folds that way, and you'll get the swirl, the flavor  the spring all in one package!



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Ilya Flyamer

Stunning, looks like Benny has competition!

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Beautiful, love it swirl and colour!  Lovely crumb as well, amazing bake, it is truly a Hotbake.