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I'm very proud of my self!

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I'm very proud of my self!

So I've been baking ;O)

these are a few photo I wanted to share of my recent bakes, very happy with all of them and they are bringing me much joy! 

first off...

A 100% Rye sourdough bread (made with my very own SD starter I've recently cultivated called ''Ara'')

Its such a sense of accomplishment when you make a bread literally from scratch!


and when Ara is fed there is always extra for some Pancakes, and honestly the best pancakes i've EVER had... too good as I ate way too much of those thick spongy flavoursome fluffy things.

Rye SD Pancakes


Then there's my Whole Wheat and Rye Sandwich bread which started it all... i wanted a thick whole wheat sandwich bread with linen seeds and it became 900g whole wheat, 300g whole rye, 270g wheat, 30g toasted malt. which recently i've been working on adapting it to contain some sourdough, and this last bake i think i nailed it... 100g starter and half the dry yeast... i've never had it spring like that in the oven and i'm thinking i need to start scoring it before the bake :O)


whole wheat rye and linen seeds


and for the crumb shot i only have it on the side of the Banana bread i made for the first time and BOY am i happy...

as you can see i still have to figure out how to incorporate the linen seeds as they should be though i'm not too bothered by the result... i'm just really scared of the sticky mass of linen goo in the mix, i don't know that i'd be able to shape the dough properly if they are introduced into the dough..

my three breads side by side



and the banana bread... oh man, what a joy...Yes whole wheat and some of my Rye sourdough starter.

Toasted Walnuts and a few almonds too...

Honey and dark molasses sugar

Coconut oil and olive oil

Soy milk (i actually wanted to put some yogurt but forgot) 

Ripe Bananas ???

Spices: salt, cinnamon, black pepper and nutmeg.

Topped with cinnamon powder some dark sugar and sesame seeds  


Orgasms galore!


Crumb shot


that's what happens when you spend 4 years with no oven and then move to a place with a big kitchen and a good oven! 

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I'm a big fan of 100% or near 100% whole grain bread.


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Now you are hooked on Sourdough.  I'm pretty sure anything you can make with flour and yeast you can make with SD instead including Noodles & Pasta that usually doesn't have any leaven but they are delicious.  Well done and

Happy Baking

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These all look very delicious.  Nicely done!