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Know entry to bread making

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Know entry to bread making

Wishing to attempting to make my first loaf, I wold be very grate full if anyone could send me a recipe for a half white and half brown loaf, one I can add linseed and sesames seeds please.



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If you are new to bread baking, I would suggest you try a simple white loaf recipe, then as you get more experience try modifying it. You can even start with sprinkling the seeds on the top of the loaf.

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And welcome to TFL. 

if you click on the Lessons link at the top of the page, you will find a series of lessons that will help introduce you to making your own bread.  Having taught a lot of beginner bakers, I’d suggest that you repeat a lesson several times until you get consistently good results before moving to the next lesson.  Doing so lets you sort out how things look and feel and relate them to the results.  Once you have a sense of what works and why, it will make the next lesson easier to master since each one builds on what you learned in prior lessons.  

Please post your questions and your results.  There are plenty of bakers here who are happy to help you learn.