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Canele headaches

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Canele headaches

Hello master bakers out there,

I am facing some canele baking issue. :/

Not sure how come my bakes all middle sink in so badly. 
Please do guide me how not let this happen :(

recipe is from the perfect loaf website. 

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Ivan, take a look at THIS BAKER’S BLOG. KendalM is a very skilled baker and has worked with Caneles. Browse through a few of his pages.

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Reduce oven temperature and use the middle or lower rack position.   Search YouTube for Bruno Albouze, he is arguably the preeminent pastry chef on YouTube now.   He has done caneles.

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I have settled on 400F for ~50minutes rather than starting super hot then turning the oven down.  Also, make sure you are not overloading the mold with too much beeswax/oil.  That will also cause a white bottom.