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Help Help! Macarons

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Help Help! Macarons

 Hi there :) 

I have made many batches of macarons and they tasted delish, But they are wrinkled; don't have nice smooth top.  

i set my oven  300F & cooked for 14mins and I let it rest over 50 mins before i cooked it 

Anyone have a clue? 

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I've never been a baker of sweets, but I've been watching this post hoping to see a knowledgeable person answer you.

I just happened to talk to a retired baker and apparently his thoughts are too much air whipped into the batter. So you can whip less and/or gently tap the baking sheet to remove the air bubbles. I didn't get a definitive answer as to how you know how much to whip. I guess if you've done it for decades you know.

For what it's worth, I'd still eat the one you have pictured. Good luck on the next batch!





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retired baker

heres a smaller commercial batch, you can divide it down smaller.

18 egg whites to stiff peaks

1 KG sugar cooked to soft ball stage.

400g powdered sugar sifted with 300g cocoa power.


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He gives several reasons for difficulties with macarons.  Bruno Albouze is arguably the best chef on YouTube at the moment.  His palette covers all menu items, and his speciality is pastry.