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Blueberry Cheese Pudding Cake|Blueberry Cheesecake Flan

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Blueberry Cheese Pudding Cake|Blueberry Cheesecake Flan

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Blueberries, pudding and flan.  3 things my husband doesn't like, so I get to eat it all!

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looking yummy. definitely try this. 

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Ralf Pi

Could you share the link once again, please?

I've been looking lately for a cheese pudding cake recipe to prepare for my birthday party. Pudding cakes are a new field for me to endeavor and discover. Thus I need a recipe with an effortless making process and primitive ingredients. At the same time, I need video guidance not to screw up the pudding.
I've cooked before strawberry poke cake, pecan pie bars, and apple pie.