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Seeking willing bakery subjects

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Malthouse Mark

Seeking willing bakery subjects

Hi, I'm a photographer living in Dorset, UK.

I've been doing a project involving bakeries here for some time - some of it with the Real Bread Campaign.

Coronavirus has pretty much halted the project but I'm looking for small working bakeries that might be willing to have me follow a shift through the night, taking photos.

Examples of what I do are here:

I'm particularly interested in bakeries in my neck of the woods as this is being done on a shoestring.

If there are bakeries that have actually been shut up permanently I'm also curious to shoot those too.

I'm also keen to cover any aspect of diversity amongst the bakers.

If you are interested please send me a message to discuss further.



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Beautiful photography, Mark, not only of working bakeries but your outstanding wedding photographs. You have a nice eye for catching things, "in the moment," and an excellent use of light. I enjoyed seeing working bakeries in your area, which are in marked contrast to those near me in Oregon, Washington, and California. Best of Luck with your work.


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Malthouse Mark

Thank you, Richard.