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World Bread Day October 16, 2020

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World Bread Day October 16, 2020

I got this from Zorra for those that want to participate

kochtopf ( DetailDear bread baking-friend,

you participated in a past World Bread Day, so I just wanted to let you know, we will celebrate World Bread Day 2020 again.  

It will take place on October 16. More information and how to participate you can find on my blog:

Invitation is available in Deutsch, English, Polski, Português and Spanish. Italian should follow soon. Until then just use Google Translate.

I think this year this special food holiday is more important than ever. So I would be very happy if you participate in #wbd2020 #worldbreadday #worldbreadday2020 again. And perhaps you could motivate your blogger friends to participate too!

I am looking forward to see many loaves of bread ??? from all around the world,



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The Roadside Pi...

You may remember me as Will, or not at all, Smile...

 This fits in perfectly with my paned bake along! 

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Sounds great, I almost always am working on something on Fridays.


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Looks fun, on the calendar.  So glad to see you back, I've been missing your posts.

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Is my daughter’s birthday. I probably will be posting a bread later that weekend. 

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 Hi Dab people have been worried about you, glad to see you post, hope you are keeping well kind regards Derek