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Bouchon Bakery Rye Bread recipe

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Bouchon Bakery Rye Bread recipe

I just tried making the above bread. I followed recipe exactly using a Kitchenaid 600 mixer, KAF all purpose and pumpernickel flours with 65% hydration. The recipe calls for 20 minutes of kneading at # 2 speed. After about 7 minutes the kneading looked like it should be the end — with about 13 minutes left to go (!). I continued to knead at #2, and at 10 minutes the dough began to “unspool” off dough hook — was as if the kneading was in reverse. when I took dough from bowl it felt like a rock. I am still pretty  new at this (3 months) but neither I nor my wife (More experienced) has ever seen 20 minutes for kneading.  And the result was really strange. Any thoughts?

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And what did it turn out like? It does seem like a lot of kneading for a lean bread. 

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I have no idea what the recipe is-is this a high rye percentage? I googled and could find reference to the book but not the recipe. Sorry, I don't have the book so it is difficult to help answer your questions about this specific dough.

With the Rye bake-off going on, I'm sure someone will jump in soon.