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Dutch Oven Ciabatta

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Dutch Oven Ciabatta

I've been experimenting with various ciabatta recipes and I tried this "third-place great ciabatta bake off" recipe last night (biga fermented for about 16 hours).  But I didn't feel like dividing the batch and baking individual loaves so I dumped the whole thing into a cast iron dutch oven.

Obviously, it's not in the traditional "slipper" form of a ciabatta but it still came out pretty tasty.  I did notice that the crust was thinner and more flaky.  I baked it covered for 30 minutes and then 20 minutes uncovered at ~460°F until internal temp was ~210°F.

This morning I was reading a forum post about flipping the dough just prior to going into the oven to help distribute the air more uniformly throughout the crumb as opposed to having most of the larger air pockets at the top.  I didn't know about that (none of the recipes I've come across mentioned this but it makes perfect sense).  Lot's of useful information on this forum! 

I've only started baking bread a couple of weeks ago and I'm hooked.

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Beautiful loaf you have there.  The crust looks very nice and the crumb is excellent.  Great job!

Not much of ciabatta characteristics here.  But, it is difficult to make a ciabatta in dutch oven unless you have a huge dutch oven or are making a very small loaf.

Enjoy your bread baking journey and look for tip and recipes and ask questions on this forum. Try out higher hydration formulas and venture into sourdough!