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Diving Arm Mixer

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Diving Arm Mixer

Hi Guys,

I’m looking at buying a Twin Diving arm mixer for high hydration Sourdough. My preference would be for an L-arm/shape mixer however this has been impossible to find on the second hand market.

I’m curious if anyone has experience with this type of mixer and can provide an opinion on it versus a typical spiral mixer?

Thanks so much


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This is the only one I’ve found that is small.

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What city/country are you in?  This is an international group of bread-heads.

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Understand that there are people from all over on here, wondering if there is anyone with any experience with a diving are mixer on here?



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Just to clarify, it is for a bakery not home use

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Well, I have a home sized spiral mixer but I've never used a diving arm mixer. I'd love to as they are supposed to be the "Bees Knees" for dough mixing. I don't think the turn down ratio is as good as a spiral, but that's probably not an issue. Also I'm not sure about high hydration performance, but bassinage technique usually does the trick.

There seem to be quite a few for sale in the UK/Europe - search for Artofex or Diosna, eg here, but no doubt shipping cost will be an issue.

I suggest you pm TFL member Flormont - an Artofex expert.


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Thanks Lance ?

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I've used both professionally (at the same bakery). The diving arm was a twin arm style Esmach. My impression after working with them (and a couple Hobarts) for a couple years, it seemed like the diving arm was a bit gentler, but the spiral offered more control and flexibility in terms of batch sizes, as well as more homogenous mix. Since then, I've seen beautiful, high-hydration breads come out of almost every kind of mixer. Tartine, Babettes Artisan, and Dan the Baker all use spirals, while Elmore Mountain and Millers Bakehouse use diving arms. All make incredible stuff.

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did you ever end up with a mixer you liked?