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Sourdough Molasses Brown Bread

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Sourdough Molasses Brown Bread

Butter was added in the dough to further tenderize the crumb.

I converted my favorite sweet rolls recipe to make this giant loaf. A little bit too big it touches the top of my dutch oven and the top got squished. Worth it though, more bread for me! It's massive and so soft it's impossible to make a good cut.

1. 400g lukewarm water
2. 55g honey
3. 105g molasses
4. 62g ww starter
5. 140g whole rye flour
6. 140g whole wheat flour
7. 290g bread flour
8. 15g cocoa powder
9. 5g salt
10. 30g soften butter

- combine 1, 2, 3 dissolved all the sugar in the water
- add 4, mix to dissolve
- add 5, 6, 7, 8 and mix until dry flour is no longer visible, rest 1.5 hour in oven with light on
- add 9, 10, slap and fold for 10 mins until smooth and not sticky, rest 1 hour
- perform 3 sets of letter fold over the next 2 hr 45 mins, rest for another 45 min - 1hr
- Shape and coat with oats, place into a banneton seam side up and sprinkle cornmeal generous all over the top
- Retard in fridge for 16 hrs.
- Slash and generously spray top with water before baking,
- Bake at 500f for 20 mins covered, remove cover, drop temp to 425f, slide a sheet pan underneath the Dutch oven / baking stone for insulation to prevent bottom from burning. Spray the top again and bake uncovered for another 40 mins.



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That is really nice, I love the soft looking crumb, lovely bake.  Thanks for sharing the formula, I will bookmark this for a future bake.


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Thanks Benny. I hope you'll like it!

A shot of espresso sub for the same amount of water can deepen the flavor even more depending on what you feel like that day. Caraway seed can also be added if preferred

I like mine with cream cheese or just butter:)


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I’m bookmarking this one too!

So what’s the flavour like?

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Thanks Danni! The flavor is deep, sweet but not dessert sweet and malty. The tang from the rye is there but mixed with the sweet honey and molasses so it's almost slightly fruity as well.