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Leftover mashed potato sourdough

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Leftover mashed potato sourdough

This was a new experiment, I didn't expect it to work this well and this bread is stupidly soft and stayed soft even when in the fridge.

I used about 580g leftover mashed potatoes, with milk and butter already in it, for TWO loaves.

Then I mixed up 1570g of dough(flour water starter) @ around 71% hydration, mixed in the salt and herb and mashed potatoes after 1.5 hr of faux autolyse,

looked like a disaster at the beginning, but after 10mins of mixing and slapping in the bowl it came together 

And after another 4 hour of bulk fermentation and folds it looked like a regular super strong dough without potatoes,  I actually needed 30g more water because it was too stiff!

And after it baked it's completely different, soft and velvety like no other bread I baked with other starches (non wheat grains, legume, carrots, sweet potatoes) just completely different in a good way! 


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Nice bake. I bet it is soft.  I would be tempted to toast a slice and pour some gravy on it. 

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Mini Oven

to leftover mashed potatoes.  They are chock full of moisture!  

Key... pre-gelatinized starch.

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Very handsome loaf!  I love your scoring, the crust colour and the soft looking crumb.  I need to make some mashed potato sourdough too, I think I’ll add some cracked black pepper to it when I eventually make it.  Good job.


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I haven't made potato bread for years. You are cuing me to do so again. I have made a potato-nut bread from the Sud-Tyrol and Hamelman's Potato Bread in the long ago. Both were very good.

FYI, here is a link to the Potato-Nut bread. Potato-Nut Bread from South Tyrol (Thanks, Salome!)


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As Mini said, pre-gelatinized starch works its magic to yield an extremely moist loaf. It's also what that gives porridge bread and tangzhong bread their characteristic texture. It's tough to stop myself from eating slice after slice :)