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I’m looking for construction feed-back please

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I’m looking for construction feed-back please

I am hoping to finish building my oven this summer. The project has taken three years so far, I only get one day a week to work on it. I am now building above the actual oven, and am deciding how much concrete I ought put on top. The chimney needs to extend another six feet or so. Please, any advice would be appreciated.

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Do you have a copy of "The Bread Builders" by Scott and Wing?


Here are some web sites that have lots of information:

and especially: <-- has plenty of links to keep you busy for days.

Then....    and especially:

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HI Winey,
What style of oven are you building? What do you mostly intend to use it for ? This will influence how much concrete cladding you want over the oven bricks. I used about 4.5 to 5 inches, but that is more than most builders use.