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Modular Deck Oven - Polin or Mono?

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Modular Deck Oven - Polin or Mono?

Hi all.


First time using The Fresh Loaf. What a great resource. 


I have an organic sourdough bakery in Wales, and I have been baking about 100 loaves a day on 3 Rofco B40s for the past 5 years. These fairly basic ovens are getting on a bit (and they lose an awful lot of heat - can't believe Rofco don't insulate their ovens better!), so I'm looking into 'proper' deck ovens. 

There are two suppliers near me in Wales: Mono (who manufacture their own deck ovens); and Brook Food, who import Polin deck ovens from Italy. So I'm looking at these two options. They are basically the same price. 

Has anyone had any experience with either Polin (model: Stratos) modular deck ovens, or Mono (model: Harmony) modular deck ovens? 

Under normal circumstances I would visit both suppliers and do a test bake, but that's not possible at the moment unfortunately. 

Any thoughts/advice very welcome. 




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Hey Jack,

Curious to know which route you went in the end?  I'm in a similar situation now as I'm planning a new organic bakery near Swansea.  Seems like it would be really nice to support local and go with Mono but obviously don't want to miss a trick if Polin is where it's at quality wise.


Chris C.