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Viewing missing images

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Viewing missing images

You may have noticed that the images from some older posts on the forum are missing. In some cases this is because the images were hosted on an external site that is now gone, but in some others, the images are hosted on TFL and the only problem is that the URL where they are stored has changed.

I will use this post to record how to obtain missing images as I find them. Underlined text may vary or need to be filled in by you.


Missing image URL:


Each user of this site now has a unique user ID, which you need to add to the URL as follows:

To obtain the user's ID number, look at a recent post in which they have inserted an image and examine the URL of that image. Their user ID will appear in the URL of the image. It will be of the form "unumber". For example, the URL of the image in this post of mine is "", and the user ID is the italicized part of it.

Example in the wild:

This comment of Mini's contains two bad image links of this form.

Mini's user ID is u1142, so the corrected image URLs are and

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Mini Oven

image URL's are not the correct images?  I dont see my sissor cut loaf but two from another thread.  Hmmm

I do remember one of the updates way back when, mixed up the avitars with loaf photos and maybe thats when so many photos got "lost."  some got cut to shorten threads and provide more memory and speed.  Tech is not my thing. I'm more into tactile stuff.  My techy brother used to take my toys apart to see how they worked.  I had to put them back together.  


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The Roadside Pi...

When I can't sleep and my mind is overthinking every minuet detail in my life, I like to search old formulas. However, Your work around is not sinking in at the moment. I will read it again at another time. Thanks for your time and energy, it is nice to know, I am not alone in my frustration.  The video is strictly a shameless plug for my new social media persona! Smile...Subscribe!!

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The Almighty Loaf

Oooh, what spices are those? Just going off of color, it looks like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg (or maybe anise?), and either allspice or cloves. I can imagine malt syrup would be amazing in gingerbread.