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Soda bread in a toaster oven

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Soda bread in a toaster oven

The other day I had not yet procured any yeast but I had an urge to bake something, so I found this recipe

No buttermilk soda bread, vegan, dairy-free

Pretty much followed the ingredients exactly. Should have left out some of the milk while mixing, turned out too wet, had to add some flour back in. Eventually came out with a nice boule.

Set it on some parchment paper in this little pot, popped it into the toaster oven, 425F for 30 minutes. Removed the lid for the last five minutes, unsure if that was necessary.

Toaster oven, pot, honey

It is certainly *not* my favorite bread ever, but I've definitely made worse. Should have dropped some nuts and/or craisins into the mix. Maybe next time.

Top view

Side view


However, next time ... I have yeast! Found a local shop with *bulk* quantities of yeast. Could have grabbed 5 kilos easy. 1/4 kilo should do me for quite awhile, though. :)