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Hedge Bread

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Hedge Bread

We have family in Guernsey, Channel Islands and have been glued to The Guernsey Press online since the pandemic hit.  Today this headline ("Hedge bread stall is proving to be a hit") caught my eye.  Now, I know about Guernsey Gâche and Senner's bread (a local bakery) but "Hedge Bread"?  Huh?  Privet flour?

One of Guernsey's ancient and beloved traditions is for locals to sell produce (veg, fruit, flowers, lots of potatoes) "on the wall" -- from an unattended box mounted on one of their handsome ancient granite roadside walls with a nearby metal money box.  Such products are known as "hedge" veg, "hedge" fruit, etc.  Hence, Hedge Bread.

The report of Mr. Moore's hedge enterprise struck a chord for us because we supply bread to neighbors as barter exchanges for eggs and other consumables, lendables and services.  In addition to bread baking's revival as a silver lining to this pandemic, the growth of local/neighborhood sharing of it as another wonderful upshot.  And of course, as always, we have global sharing of methods via Fresh Loaf!  Thanks Floyd! 

Happy Baking and Stay Safe.


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Love it!!!

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Nice story Tom, thanks for sharing.  Stay safe and well.  Benny