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There is no flour, none whatsoever, at the supermarket

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There is no flour, none whatsoever, at the supermarket

I have yeast, I have sourdough, but I will run out of flour in three bakings. 

I'm in Honolulu, Hawai'i. 

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In my local store, Indianapolis, of a regional chain, there is a Bob's Red Mill section across the aisle from the main flour section.  Most of the BRM stuff there was gluten free. But on the bottom shelf, I saw some regular (not organic)  BRM 5 lb AP flour, that people had missed.  Maybe because it was hidden in plain sight along with the GF stuff. Maybe because it was on the bottom shelf, and you had to lean down to see it towards the back of the shelf.

There were at least 3 bags of it.  I bought one.  $4.99.


Corn meal and corn "masa" (for Mexican corn tortillas) was still available.


You might be able to contact restaurant/pizzeria/bakery suppliers/distributors, and see if they will sell you a 25 or 50 pound bag of flour.  There are such suppliers/distributors in the Indianapolis area who make cash sales if you phone in an order and then pick it up yourself.  

Here is a list of General Mills 25 and 50 pound bags of flour, that are unbleached, unbromated, and have at least 11% protein.

good luck.

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I was taking stock of my baking supplies after I saw from my trip to the store 3 weeks ago in Camarillo, CA, without any flour except a few scant boxes of cornmeal. I had some rye from a Hodgson Mill order about 1 year ago, but nearly no AP left, so I was wondering what I'd do....

I went into my garage and behold, I found a 5gal. gamma bucket loaded to the top with Central Milling AP flour I bought a couple of years back.

It felt like Christmas morning...


That's the world we live in right now. Hope you are all safe and healthy!

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Do you have a membership to Sam’s Club?  I think they will provide you with a guest pass, if you don’t...maybe.  It’s impossible to find it here, in a regular grocery store in California, and I don’t live on an island wheee all that stuff needs to be shipped or flown in.  I will find it at one of the wholesale stores, in bulk, about every 3rd or 4th trip.  Sometimes I have gotten the last 25lb bag, and sometimes I have gotten the last 50lb bag.  Whatever size it is, if there’s a bag there, I will buy it.

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*where, not * wheee

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I often have to avail myself of the "edit" link on my comments and posts.

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Thanks!  Where can I find that?  I’m not much of a techie.

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Bread obsessed

Have you tried via the supermarket's website?  Although the shelves have been empty for weeks, I was able to buy 6x 5lbs bags of bread flour and have it delivered to the store for pickup under my name.  I'm in Canada.

For my part, I'm out of yeast.  I got a starter going (had never done it)...  maybe I should plant some wheat now so I can mill my own flour should it come to that? ?

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You may not be kidding after all.  My $1,200 is going, among other things, into the purchase of a new grain mill. Our local Amish store is selling hard red, hard white, and soft white in 50-lb bags for $26 to $28, and after the mill I'll be buying lots of wheat. This is the future.


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Hi - I found the same issue a couple weeks ago...then I found a large 25lb sack in an Indian store (India) and you might also find some at a Muslim market.  It was unbleached flour........goodluck!

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Hi Felila,
My local Safeway started selling both flour and yeast out of their bakery department when they were out of stock on the store shelves. I called these guys for you:
888 Kapahulu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 733-2600

They said they have flour in stock on aisle 14. : )

I think the trick these days is just go to the phone. It's too stressful and frustrating to drive around during the pandemic looking for things. But a little time spent calling around and you will usually be able to find what you need. If this Safeway isn't close to you, I'd call the closest one and ask if they have flour in stock and if not, is the bakery department willing to sell you some. I think they will hook you up. Best wishes and happy baking, Jess