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Best Pizza

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Colorado Man

Best Pizza

Is there one killer recipe for Pizza? Something easy but all so tasty. The King Arthur recipe has my eye but is there something better?

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What style pizza do you like?  NY?  Neapolitan? Sicilan?  Detroit?  Thick vs thin crust? Chewy thick, or chewy thin?  Soft thick, or soft thin?  Cracker crust?

Or if you don't know the generic style names, what brand and style name? Domino's, Papa John, Pizza Hut etc.?  Or what frozen pizza brand and style?

And what are your goals?  Simple ingredients?   Short time?  Yeast or sourdough? What kind of oven, (brand and gas or electric) and how hot does it get? What equipment do you have? Pans, stones, steels?

What flours do you currently have on hand?  What are available to purchase?

What bread/pizza recipe  books do you have on hand?

This channel has some pizza dough/crust recipes under their "Handle It" play list or section:  (warning: has cursing and crude talk.) 

This guy has at least 2 pizza crust recipes, one with overnight rise, and one with 4 hours or so:   (no final "e")  Very simple and K.I.S.S.

And, TFL has a sort of "cousin" website at:

Buona fortuna, amigo.

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Colorado Man

Pizza like Pizza use to have in the 80's. Easy with thin crest and all so good.

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Colorado Man

I mean, Pizza Hut. They were the best at that time.

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As Dave said,  and its forum is the place for info on pizza.  One pizza hut recipe is here

 or you can search this subforum -  cracker style, which is the name they use for the Pizza Hut style


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Next time you're trying to express your love for pizza, try this Cheese Pizza