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Help needed to recreate a favorite low carb bread with Rye and Gluten

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Help needed to recreate a favorite low carb bread with Rye and Gluten

Hi, I have been buying this brand of low carb bread for awhile for a diabetic family member but with the current situation, I am trying to save money and thus trying to recreate this bread at home. It has quite dense of texture but still soft and flexible. It is marketed as super low carb with 1 grams of net carb per slice. 

Ingredients: golden flax meal, coarse rye meal, wheat gluten, yeast, salt.

Nutritional data for 1 slice of 50 grams

Calories 100

Total fat 3g

Sodium 25mg

Total Carbohydrate 6g

Dietary fiber 5g

Protein 12g

From my calculation, since 1 slice weighs 50g, the dry mix of flour should weigh 30 grams (minus the water, salt and yeast). Also, I have found the nutritional facts of the 3 flours online.

Nutrition of flaxseed is:

Calories: 534g Fat 42g Sodium 30mg Carbs 29g Fiber 27g Sugar 1.5g Protein 18g

Nutrition of whole grain rye flour/cracked rye:

Calories: 338g Fat 1g Sodium 0mg Carbs 60g Fiber 15g Sugar 1g Protein 10g

Nutrition of Gluten flour is:

Calories 390g Fat 3.5g Sodium 150g Carbs 17g Fiber 2g Sugars 2g Protein 72g

I have used all kind of ratio of flaxseed, rye meal and gluten four in the preceding order based on the label (to the total of 30 grams) but it never matches the nutritional data on label. I don't think the label is false since this is from a reputable bakery but I don't understand how they are able to use rye meal, which seems to be high carb, in the formulation (2nd on the list) but still able to make it low carb. Total carbs for 1 slice is 6g and net carb is 1g (6g carbs-5g fiber = 1g net carbs).

Can any of the experienced bakers here help me with this equation please. I really want to make it at home since the ingredients are minimal and accessible. It seem to be easy and feasible but I am having a hard time recreating it. I really want to make it at home for my family member. Thank you for any input, I greatly appreciate it.


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Mini Oven

try subtracting the fiber, gram for gram from the total carbs and see how that works out.

if the ingredients are listed as 100g. Then use the weight of two slices of bread for your figuring making it also 100g.   So you deal with 60g instead of 30g.  

I'll just edit this post.  Ok. My sack of rye states  for 100g rye 318 kcal., 60 g carbs., 14g fiber, 9 G protein.  So rye alone would give you 46 g carbs after subtracting the fiber. I'm guessing it will make up less than half the flour weight.  The crushed or coffee grinder ground seeds will make up the majority of total flour and the gluten will be, start out with a tablespoon.  What do you get?     (sugar is part of the carbs)

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I did, I explained in my post. 1 slice is 50g so from my calculation, the amount of flours should be 30g (minus water, yeast and salt) and there are 3 components in the fiber which are flax, rye and gluten but I cannot figure out their ratio to match the nutritional data on lable.


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From what your suggestion and my calculation, this is what I came up with for 30g of dry mix: 20g flax, 5g rye, 4g of gluten. However, the nutritional data doesn't match the label. This is what I got for the nutritional data of this mix: 10g carbs and 6g fiber VS 6g carbs & 5g fiber of the bread lable.