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Quarantine bakes

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Quarantine bakes

With flour in short supply I'm happy to have enough to get me through some bakes.

I've made a couple of 3 pound boules

Boule HeartThe second boule didn't get the raise I was after. But it was still delicious.

Boule 2Boule 2 CrumbThen some deli sandwich breadDeli whiteDeli white crumb

Some brioche sticks buns as well but there are no photographs.


I hope to get some more baking done during this time. I don't think I'll keep making such large boules to save on flour though ;)

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That 3# one looks really good, though yeah, that's kinda huge.


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Looks great!

One advantage of being home all the time is any fermentation schedule becomes possible.  I've been doing a lot of overnight-in-the-fridge final proofs that used to be difficult because I had to be out of the house in the morning.

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I can defiantly implement a longer fermentation now that I'm at home. Always looking for the silver lining

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First I have a very simple French loaf. 62%, 2%, 2%Basic French Later this afternoon I baked off some Focaccia

Focaccia 1I decided to have a little fun and host a Zoom baking party with some close friends. We are going to bake focaccia. So this was my test run dialing in the recipe.

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I did a round one a little while back. 
Needed more small tomato’s but that was all I got on the moment.  

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They all look great! Wish I could make more but I'm running out of ingredients. I hope you're all safe. 

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I made some brioche hamburger buns! Ok they are just brioche rolls and a loaf of bread. I tried my butter at 25%. I'm pretty dang happy with it :)