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Where can I order Hard Red Wheat Berries?

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Where can I order Hard Red Wheat Berries?

Because I am in a high risk group for Coronavirus I cannot go to the store anymore.

Where can I order Hard Red Wheat Berries online for immediate delivery? I am in California.

Cost is not a big concern right now.

Since I am stuck at home will probably be baking bread for the rest of family so I need even more wheat berries.

If things get really bad guess I will have to use WW flour from a bag.



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I priced Central Milling last week, and delivery to 94061 on a 50lb sack was about $15.

Where are you in California?


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I am in San Diego.

I checked Central Milling and it is about $53 delivered for a 50lb sack.

That is way less than I pay for it in the store from the bulk bin,

But it would take me a year to use it up and I am worried about it getting bugs in it.

Wish they sold it 25lb sacks.

When I buy 25lb sacks of brown rice at Costco I try to store it in the freezer to kill any bugs.

I do have a sealed 5 Gallon bucket to store it in.

They have both spring and winter hard wheat, not sure which one is better.

I usually make my sourdough with 2/3 WW flour and 1/3 white.



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I regularly use wheat that has been stored, but not hermetically sealed, for 2 to 3 years since harvest.

Your bucket, with a good lid,  will be good for a couple, three, years of storage, even without putting oxygen absorbers in it.  

The difference between Spring versus winter wheat depends on the variety.  In some strains, the spring is higher protein, others, the winter has higher protein.

In the two strains I've compared, I thought the hard spring  red wheat baked up lighter than the hard winter red wheat.


If you need to use up the home-milled flour quicker, you can "hide" a small portion in pancakes, muffins, biscuits, cookies, brownies, etc.

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The uncracked grain will last for years. I can store 50 pounds in a 6 gallon pail, so a 5 gallon should store around 40 or more pounds.

I live in Louisiana and shipping from Central Millings is very close to $1.00/pound.

For smaller quantities look at something like this.

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I am looking for quality organic hard red wheat berries and just noticed the note you wrote in March. I live in Laguna Woods, which is roughly 80 miles north of you. If you are still interested in purchasing a 50 pound bag, perhaps we could split one between us. My email address is

Lemme know.


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I am thinking of ordering from Bluebird Grain Farms.

They have 25 lb sack but it costs the same as a 50lb sack from Central Milling but still not too bad.

I am just not sure I want to deal with having 50 lbs lying around for a year.



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"They have 25 lb sack but it costs the same as a 50lb sack from Central Milling but still not too bad."

then Think of it as 25 pounds "free" from Central Milling.   Freeze 5 pounds at a time in a zip lock plastic bag, to kill any bugs that  might come in the original pkg, leave it in the freezer for 36 hours,  --  then let the closed plastic bag come up to room temp for a day (so moisture doesnt condense on the berries), then add the berries to the 5 gal bucket.  you'll fill the bucket, 5 pounds at a time, and have 10 to 12 pounds left over to keep outside the bucket.

When you buy whole berries direct from a mill or grower like Central Milling, it's unlikely to have weevils or other vermin.  i have not bought from them, but I've been very lucky to get very clean pest-free grain when I have purchased it.

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I just stumbled upon this supplier. The prices are outstanding and they include shipping! Best prices I’ve found, but have not bought from them, yet. You can buy smaller weights, also.

If anyone is familiar with Grains from the Plains, please let us know your experience.

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I buy from them face to face in 13# (IIRC) buckets.

I live in suburban Denver, and Laura, the wife, and her children come to an appointment nearby to me.

Great quality. I've tried several of their varieties for home milling.

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If you end up resorting to grocery bags, the Whole Foods and Safeway All Purpose and Whole Wheat housebrand flours are supplied by Central Milling and are high quality.

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Amazon sells 5 lb bags of Pelouse Hard Red Wheat Berries for $14.  Pricey yes, but much more manageable for a home kitchen.  All wheat and flour will eventually incubate weevils after a time.  The way to kill them is put your bags of berries in the freezer for at least 24 hours, but several days is better.  That kills the larvae.  

I grind mine in a Vitamix dry container.  I make two loaves every 10 days or so.  

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in South San Fran.  



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I use these folks for my grain needs.

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I get Spelt, Kamut, and hard red winter wheat from them. There's only one drop a month: you go to the drop site and meet the truck. Only the driver touches your stuff, but there will be a few other folks from your neighborhood there picking up their orders. 

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Sun Organic has Hard Red and they are in San Marcos, not too far from you.

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I live in Bay Area, California as well.

50lbs is too much for me.

If anyone is willing to share like 10 or 20 lbs with me, please let me know. I will split the cost

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This supplier will mail your order by USPS for free.  I’m not sure what distance that works for, but don’t recall seeing any such conditions.  Patience to wait for USPS is all it costs me anyway.  I buy all my unmilled whole berry hard and soft wheat here.  They sell in a variety of package sizes to suit most home baking needs, from 3lb, 5lb, 25lb to 50lb bags.  They offer a good variety of choices to pick from too.

Good luck




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thank you! I will check it out

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$30 for 25#- includes shipping. I love their berries- have been ordering from them for several years!

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Very good link for grain! The price (including shipping) is outstanding...

AND, they have Hard Red SPRING Wheat.

Thanks for posting.

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Nice pricing, especially the shipping.  I have used Allbulkfoods, and if you buy large amounts, their prices are quite good.   I just ordered 50 pounds of Prairie Gold - white spring wheat,  and while shipping was nearly $20,  the wheat was only $35, so all in under a $1 a pond.      Their bronze  -  hard spring wheat, is under $32 for 50 pounds.

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Barry, shipping cost to me (south of New Orleans is $36 for 50 pounds. So, about $66 for 50 pounds. That’s cheaper than most.

Do you prefer spring or winter wheat?

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Oh wow! Your link is great on pricing as well...comments on the taste for bronze chief berries?

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I baked one bread from Azure Standard's hard red wheat and one bread from these berries, and there was no comparison in taste. The Marias River Farm was much preferred by both my husband and me-- it has a delicious toasty and nuttiness to it that can't be beat! I do beleive the Marias berries are also higher in protein content-- they absorb lots more water and have a better stretchiness to them!

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I have not tried the Marias, but may next time.  My local organic food store sells Central Milling and I normally buy the winter white, and I don't find the taste or performance of the Spring Hard While (Prairie Gold ) from Allbulks to be very different.  I have not bought the Bronze because I don't use enough red to justify the 50 pounds right now.  

BTW,   I ordered on Sept 7, which was a holiday ,  and I received it on the 9th, pretty quick shipping for 50 pounds.