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Spelt loaf with slashes

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Spelt loaf with slashes

Finally got some cool slashes on a loaf... Hand held razor blade, so maybe not the safest way!

Loaf was tartine style sourdough but with addition of spelt, if anyone wants recipe, mor pics or method let me know

Anyone know where I can buy a lame with a straight blade (UK)?



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That's beautiful.  You can buy a straight lame and absolutely everything else bread related, flour, seeds, equipment etc, from BakeryBits. UK based but they ship everywhere. Highly recommend. No affiliation. 

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Mini Oven

and very pleasing to look at.  Sure you want to slice it up?   :)

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Hi Steve

Yes would be good to see more and have recipe. I have some spelt on order. I used combination of spelt dark and white with a rye starter. Tasted good but collapses easily so put second one in a tin..never used a tin before! So any advice/help would be good.

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That looks very nice.  Good pattern and color contrast with the floured surface.

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Very attractive loaf you baked there, the scoring is handsome.

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i bought this from etsy for £15 and it even comes with a leather case. Great for slashing