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Bread Pan Size

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Bread Pan Size

Hi all. This is my first post here. I'm a newbie bread baker. I've only ever used a bread machine, but want to start making real white bread loaves in loaf pans. Figuring I'd like to get the biggest, yet somewhat standard sized loaves per baking session, I asked my wife for 9 X 5 loaf pans for Christmas. She got me two of these:

When I got them I noticed that they were 9.25 X 5.25. I looked up whether that was OK on various websites, and gathered that even a slight difference in pans can make bread not rise correctly or be shaped incorrectly. So, my first question is, is this a good sized loaf pane to make plain white bread?

Second question is, do any of you know some tasty white bread recipes that specify ingredients in quantities that will work well in these loaf pans?


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According to the details on that web page, the inside measurements are  8.5" x 4.5".  The outside/max dimensions are what you mention.  The sides are sloping, so even saying 4.5" is not exact. 

That is a standard width it seems.  Some recipes/formulas specify the exact size of a pan, some don't.

You'll learn by experience, and based on your particular ingredients, and how much your particular formula/recipe rises, how much dough to make for that pan, to get the resulting loaf that you want.  Until you get it "dialed in", some loaves may be a little shorter, and some a little taller.    

We all go through that learning curve with new equipment, new formulas/recipes, new (or different brands/source) ingredients, new oven, new weather (temp and humidity). 

I don't know about others, but it seems I'm _always_ tinkering.

Welcome to the bread club. 

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Most folks would call this a 1 pound bread pan.  I normally shoot for about 540 grams of dough for this size pan but more or less will also work fine.  Note that I used a weight in grams, but ounces work too.  This would be 19 ounces.  You will loose some weight during the bake as some of the moisture bakes out of the dough.

One of the things I always suggest to new bread bakers is to get and use a good digital kitchen scale.  They are no longer very expensive at around $ 20 to 30.  Keep notes of the weights you use.  Measuring by weight really helps you from one batch to the next.