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Purified vs filtered water

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Essam Haroon

Purified vs filtered water

Good day everyone, 

Im working now on starting my first bakery and im discussions where should I install water purifier or just water filter for my backed good  sourdough and viennoiseries etc. 

So please I need your opinions and experts  on what should I install for my bakery purifier and filter or just water filter ?

Thanks in advance.


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What country and city are you in? 

Here in the United States, there are companies that specialize in water filtration and purification.  It would be best to consult with such a company who is familiar with your local water conditions, can take samples from your water taps and analyze them, to see what's in the water, and what needs to be taken out.

And, it's not just what is in the water as it leaves the municipal water supply, but also what that water might pick up in the pipes along the way, including the water pipes in your building.

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Essam Haroon

I live in Saudi Arabia , Jeddah 

That is good suggestion but what is the perfect water characteristics for sourdough and bread making. 




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Nathan Myhrvoid and his team did some water experiments recently (2017) where they compared the volume and flavor in French bread baked with either tap water (that had fluoride and chlorine), distilled water, commercially filtered water, hard mineral water (Perrier) and pool water (chlorinated). What they found was that there was NO DIFFERENCE between the breads except for when the water actually had a strong smell to it. When it did, then the bread was a bit more bitter tasting. Surprisingly, even chlorine levels up to 4ppm (the legal US limit for tap water) had no effect on loaf volume, but the loaves were a bit bitter. Keep in mind that 4ppm is pretty strong.

Their conclusion: unless your water supply has a bad smell or major contaminant, buying a water purifier is not worth the investment.