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Keto Bread Recipe

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Keto Bread Recipe

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. Does anyone know of a bread recipe using yeast for those on a ketogenic diet ? There can't be any grain flour used which is high in carbohydrates such as wheat, corn etc, only flax seed, almond flour, coconut flour or any other low carb seed. Possible addition of Gluten Flour to increase gluten, this is okay.

Thought it may be an interesting puzzle for some of you more experienced bakers.

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Abe (not verified)

Not tried it myself yet but looks interesting.

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First of all, welcome to this site. There will be some interesting information here for you and some of the skills needed to make low/no carb bread are found in the flour/yeast/water making realm of baking. It is important to know how the ingredients behave in different circumstances.  That being said, please realize that , to many, what you propose is blasphemy. I am not "unfriending" you or discouraging you from participating with us on this forum. I just want you to be prepared for some pushback. I also WANT you to push back but to do so in a respectful, informational way because that is what this forum is all about.This is how we all learn new ideas and new deliciousness. It is a WORLD_WIDE forum, so there is a LOT to learn from each other.   Wheat free and even grain free baking/cooking was around long before grains were cultivated. That kind of eating still exists in some parts of the world still but it is not common.Bread is many things to many people and some get emotional as you can see HERE.

Another recommendation is for you to use the "SEARCH" box. Just enter "keto" or even "low carb". There is not a lot but there is some info for you. There are links,also.


A couple recommendations for you from the search box:

This post has a good link to different flours:


Long but the recipe was actually usable and not bad:


THis one has a link to a recipe but pics and help on TheFreshLoaf:


I have a recipe in this one-yeast is optional:


I will also contribute from my limited experience in baking keto bread. Yeast is a living microorganism that needs food (carbs) to survive and work (just like people). It will not be able to raise a dough without carbs of some kind present. One of the links has a recipe with a small amount of either sugar or syrup to give the yeast just enough food to raise the loaf but the theory is that the carbs are totally digested by the yeast so do not count in the carb count of the final product. Nutritionists are not in agreement as to what happens here and I haven't seen actual Kcal testing on that.

Was there a reason you absolutely have to have yeast in the bread? In a no carb dough, yeast will not "fix" the characteristics of the no carb flours and gums. Keto bread made from noncarb ingredients will never have a fluffy,aerated crumb like a french bread and adding yeast will not change that. Because you are using gums and proteins for the crumb structure, the best I have seen is a moist texture more like a not-sweet banana bread-there is not much aeration in the crumb. Even if there is a little more aeration, the crumb is still moist b/c if it dries out to the consistency of wheat-based feathery bread, it shatters and crumbles. For me, it was more important to try and get flavor and non-gummy chew or mouth feel. Toasting GF or keto bread greatly improved the flavor as did using Vegemit or Marmite to attain the yeast flavor. Nutritional yeast or liquid aminos might give you the same result- haven't tried them,yet. Remeber these ingredients are very salty so adjust the salt accordingly.

The best way to find a good recipe is to try small batches, keep track of what you do and change out 1 thing at a time to achieve what you want. Do it many times over until you achieve what you want. Keto ingredients are expensive. Keep experiments small.

Most importantly-rather than trying to force keto ingredients into wheat shoes, use the natural mojo of non wheat ingredients, have fun and bake some keto deliciousness.

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It's good to see, you are looking for a ketogenic diet. According to me, you should follow some baker or baking bloggers.