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Bread Baking Programs

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Bread Baking Programs


I am currently looking to apply to bread baking programs that run for about 2 to 3 months during the first couple months of 2020. I am not looking for pastry programs, but only exclusively bread baking programs––I know a tall order. Countless people have told me to look for apprenticeships, but in all honesty I'm not looking to become a professional; I am only an eighteen year-old on his gap year wishing to pursue his dreams of being a home bread maker. I would still enquire about apprenticeships, but I am mainly focusing on finding schools or programs. I have found a few in Paris, but living in Paris is not cheap. I have money and my parents are willing to lend me some money, but I am not sure if Paris is right for me. If anybody can point me in the right direction, I would be eternally grateful.  I have been a home bread maker for around two years, but with school I have never been able to spend as much time as I would please with bread. 

Saman Reza

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If you're looking in Europe, a couple of thoughts come to mind in the UK.

You may be able to get some sort of work-study program.

Bread Ahead Bakery and Baking School in Borough Market in London.

Richard Bertinet has a bakery and baking and cooking school in Bath, Somerset, England.


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Maybe you can get in a program at king arthur?  If you could apprentice under Jeffrey hamelman you couldn't beat that.  

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Several TFL members have taken courses at the San Francisco Baking Institute and have written reports on this site. It might not be any cheaper than Paris but has great reviews.


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The école internationale de boulangerie might be worth looking at; it's in the south of France at Noyers-sur-Jabron, so not Paris.

Not cheap, I'm sure, but looks very professional.

I follow Chris Burger from The Assembly Bakery on IG and he attended a course there recently.

The pictures in the link and his subsequent posts might give you a brief idea of topics covered.


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If you're looking in the US, check the French Pastry School in Chicago. They have a 10 week bread program.