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Bread in the uuni Pro oven

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Bread in the uuni Pro oven

I was just curious about this oven (ever curious) and  I found that it can be used for making bread. huh! And then I found this video.

Fabulous - Great video of how it works with the awesome rap and obviously this baker knows how to work dough. AND... on top of all of that, it's fun to watch!

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Thanks for this.  I just ended up perusing his story and new ventures for the past hour. Lol!

He's got a new bakery in Miami called Ironside Bakery. I followed him on instagram.  He's got good techniques and breads.  Not so much in that youtube vid. But he's developed talent imho. Very inspiring.  

Look for #artisanbryan on instagram. 

Oh, it also made me stumble across a nice organic flour mill in my area.  Lol.

Thanks for posting! 

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Oh nice! I just stumbled upon it last night while winding down the day. I'll take a look at more of his stuff.

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Brilliant! Love this guys videos. They aren't super informative, but very creative and not the usual same old same old...