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Are you really intolerant to gluten?

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Are you really intolerant to gluten?

I have run  a pizza place for 7 years. I almost all the time used a NON GMO, unbleached flower for the pizza dough (mix at low speed for 7-10 min and retarded 24 hours @ 34F) but I always sought for and purchased "High Gluten" flour and I always used a small amount of dry yeast (less than 0.5%) and ~2% of sea salt.  Surprisingly few friends of mine said that despite they were declared to be gluten intolerant,  they have had no problem with my pizzas. I have recently learned from this forum (Marianna) how gluten works. If I understood correctly gluten is NOT directly available in the flour, but you have to develop it by means of kneading and therefore combining mechanically 2 different proteins.  That make sense and maybe this is the reason why KA flour report the content of protein rather than the gluten content!? Fermentation does not create gluten, yeast just converts starch into sugar and CO2. If this understanding is correct, could it be possible that my friends were intolerant to something else such has "too much yeast" or "too much starch"? Considering that  7 minutes mixing with a professional dough mixer, based on this forum, is the minimum to develop the "first stage" of gluten, could it be possible that, despite I used a flour with high protein contents, my pizzas couldn't had really too much gluten in it?

Thank you (sorry for my English, I hope I was able to explain myself correctly) 


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Abe (not verified)

The proteins bind and gluten is formed. Perhaps the gluten strands are not as strong at first but gluten is present. Ask anyone with coeliac disease whether they can have any gluten containing flour in any form whatsoever and the answer will be no. If the gluten is "only present" because of kneading then surely they will be able to have wheat flour in some other form however they can't. I think that unless someone has coeliac disease then not to worry. Everything in moderation.