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Bread has become like a scone-very soft sone like texture

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Rhonda Brigg

Bread has become like a scone-very soft sone like texture

I have been making bread in my Panasonic bread making machine.   and it has been very good-nice crisp loaves with the bread texture very nice. It is a quality machine and i was surprised that it could be stored for a couple of years and yet work again properly.

I recently started making bread in it again-all good


I have changed nothing however  after 6 months of use the bread has now become crumbly and scone like

We use half white bread making flour and half a commercial multi grain mix plus salt, powdered milk,butter , water &  dried yeast.


The weird part is that I have changed nothing and this has happened.suddenly. Have some of my ingredients become stale??


Can anyone help with this?

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Maybe its possible that some of your ingredients are bad/stale, check the expiry dates.

However, my guess is simply that the butter and milk powder tenderize the dough, resulting in a softer dough. Fat is used to prevent gluten from forming (it encapsulates the proteins), resulting in a much more tender and crumbly loaf. 

My approach would be to mix longer until you have some clear gluten formation (think of brioche dough). Maybe your machine somehow mixes slower/shorter time over the years?