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Who else uses einkhorn flour/wheat berries for wheat or gluten issues?

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Who else uses einkhorn flour/wheat berries for wheat or gluten issues?

For years now I'm been fighting some issues that I have not been able to nail down. It's not celiac's (been tested), but I think I might have some sensitivity to either gluten or wheat or yeast, but every time I think I'm narrowing it down, I can't pinpoint it.

The main thing is that I go from snoring to not snoring if I eat low(ish) carb. That we KNOW. When I eat more carbs, I snore more. When I eat less carbs, I don't snore ever. I can feel it in my sinuses. They feel more closed up when I eat more carbs, but I think, more specifically, when I eat more wheat/gluten as when eating low(ish) carb, I stay away from wheat completely.

So, I just ordered some einkorn berries and some einkorn all-purpose flour. If it's the wheat kernels, how soon before I notice a difference in my stuffiness if I stay away from all other wheat? (I cook most of our food from scratch, so I can account for all foods consumed to be sure I stay away from wheat.

I just want to figure this out!!!

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the hadster

I hope you figure it out, and at least you've figured out less carbs means less snoring.  That said, there is this whole "fear of wheat gluten" thing that is driving me nuts. 10 years ago, no one was "allergic" to wheat gluten except celiacs, now everyone is.... pet peeve, sorry.

Before you decide that wheat gluten is from the devil, try cutting your carbs by cutting out fruit and starches such as potatoes, rice, corn, legumes etc, and getting your carbs ONLY from bread - but stick to the total carb grams you are aiming for.  After a few DAYS of this, you'll know if its the carbs from bread and not carbs from other sources that make you snore.

HOWEVER, you WON'T know if its the gluten in the bread that's doing it.  The only way to test that theory would be to limit your carbs to exclusively gluten proteins and making a note of your reaction.

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You shod feel a difference within one to three days, based on what my sensitive friends have told me. I have baked with Einkorn for years so I have recommended it to my family and friends for years but I never have asked any of them to time how long it takes to feel symptoms.

If I understand it correctly it not the carbs that most sensitive people are reacting to the proteins that make gluten that they are sensitive to. Carbs are anything that isn't a protein or fat, so if you are sensitive to carbs specifically you have to really work on identifying all the sources in your diet.