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Bread top falls, Barley-Wheat bread

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Bread top falls, Barley-Wheat bread

I have a basic wheat with Barley recipe that's my everyday bread, recipe here. Lately I've added an ounce of buckwheat flour (to 16 of all-purpose flour and 4 of barley).

Today I happened to look in on the bread just as it began to bake; it was high and domed, looked beautiful.  When it was done, I found that the top of the loaf had fallen, maybe a half inch. Here's the end view:

This may have been happening all along, and I just now happened to see what the load looks like when it begins to bake.  Bread's great, light and moist.  What's happening?


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I suspect it was overproofed.

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Mini Oven

but you might have a "cubist varmit" alias "square eating bread bug."  :)   

Looks nicely moist, maybe too pale, a little more baking time needed due to additional heavy buckwheat flour.

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Superb recipe.

Thank you for sharing, Although I am not good at cooking or baking, but stil