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Hey Floyd,

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The Roadside Pi...

Hey Floyd,

can we get a like button?

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David R

I press the thumbs-down icon on this one. ?

I like your posts, but the popularity-contest aspects of having a like button seem to me to overshadow what value the button may legitimately have. It's hard to have an actual discussion when you're distracted with trying to get people to click "like".

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Yeah... we had an internal one (up vote/down vote), then for a while we had an FB like button. Right now I think the "bookmark this" works both to build a list of things you've like and is used on the homepage block that lists the most bookmarked. That is the only place I currently reveal the number of bookmarks/likes.

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The Roadside Pi...

Thanks for taking the time to explain the bookmark feature. I will make use of it.


 Kind regards,

 Will F.

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Just my way of saying Thank You to Floyd for so much that he has put into making this sight one of the very best on the web.

Again Thank You Floyd !

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Floyd, in case I never told you... I believe this site helps build world peace-one interaction at a time. Post after post shows us all how we share more similarities than differences. Bread, as a concept, is a unifier. All these positive interactions have to have some effect on the state of peoples mind-sets and therefore in their daily lives as they go about their business. That translates, for me, into more positive things happening in the bigger community. Who knows-maybe their daily business is deciding whether to pull a trigger ... or not. I want that person to have a great, positive outlook.  Butterfly wings?

Sounds hokey but I believe personal thoughts and actions influence my life and affect the thoughts and actions of people around me, etc,etc.

Hence, world peace- one loaf at a time. Thank you!

It has been a while since you posted a list of all the countries where  TFL has participants. Is that do-able? It was a real eye-opener for me the last time I saw that.