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Happy Easter Freshloaf friends!

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Happy Easter Freshloaf friends!

I have been quite lazy over the past couple of weeks buying my hot cross buns from the local bakery. I finally decided to get busy and bake a batch. The recipe I used was Floyd's recipe which I searched on this site and uses commercial yeast. I normally use a natural yeast starter, but have also been lazy of late in feeding my starter. Next batch of buns perhaps.

Happy baking and Happy Easter! Ski


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Do you have the link for Floyd's recipe? I usually love his recipes. His Lazy Man's Brioche is my all time favorite.

I did a search but it's returning so many hits. Is it under "recipes"?

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Happy Easter SKIbum.  These will go great with Gigantic Smoked Easter Moose Ribs!

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. . . never actually had a moose rib. I do like how you always tease me about smoked moose ribs though. I had to settle for smoked chicken.

Happy baking and eating! Ski

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Hope this is the right one:

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. . . the right link to the recipe I used. Delicious!

Happy baking! Ski