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Is Gluten Free Sourdough Possible??

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Is Gluten Free Sourdough Possible??

I have Celiac and am curious if anyone has tried to make a sourdough bread with gluten free flour (from a potato flake starter)?

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Hill Top Home Bakery

Hello, yes gluten free sourdough is very possible in fact I make it and bake it for our customers weekly.  I have a basic recipe on our website and I am happy to share others with you as well.  

You will find a few recipes here and I hope to get more of our recipes up on-line in the New year.  If you need any of the flours/starches adapted from the recipe don’t hesitate to ask. 

I use finely ground teff flour in my starter but other whole grain/seeds like millet, buckwheat and brown rice flour also work well.  

I love bread!