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Pumpkin Bread

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Pumpkin Bread

Hello Everyone, just started to really get into baking. :)  I've been trying out a family recipe for pumpkin bread, and I think I've got it down well enough to share :D.  Let me know what you think!  I think it looks really cool glazed with seeds on it.

glazed pumpkin bread

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I checked your new site and I was glad to see some measurements in grams as I am on a mission to develop small recipes.

Welcome to TFL. Post some more!

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although I'm tempted to call it a cake rather than bread ;)

Can you tell an unenlightened gardener how many grams of butter you used? (no idea what "a stick" is)

And then, seeing as I've got loads of home-grown squash and pumpkins in the pantry, can you give some advice how to prepare those for the recipe?


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I prefer to roast my pumpkins...then use the mashed when it is cool.  You can boil or steam it...but boil tends to be watery so that has to be considered.

I like the flavor that the oven roasted caramelization brings to bread and pies.  

Blue Hubbard is really nice but HUGE...but acorn works too.  I always used pie pumpkins for the traditional "pumpkin".

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David R

I'm pretty sure that in the places where butter is sold in sticks, each stick is a quarter of a pound, about 115 g.

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Linda Kaufman

Oh, now I have another bread recipe to try. Thanks for sharing.


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Love me some pumpkin bread...I generally don't glaze it...but do sugar and put seeds on the top before baking. Do I see a hint of spice in the icing??

It's looking good and I would like a piece right now!


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It looks delicious. I also want to try this bread, tomorrow there will be results I will share with everyone my achievements

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Yep, it's really look great and colorful. I made pumpkin bread some days ago, and it was delicious, but it looked not so nice like your. I had using the recipe from, can you share your?