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Vegemite as flavorant

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Vegemite as flavorant

I just made a "keto" low carb bread and added 1/2 tsp vegemite as a flavorant. What a wonderful difference it made in making this challenging bread appealing! This recipe was an almond flour and psyllium based loaf -both of hich are rather bland tasting. I'm still working on texture and this was a small, experimental loaf but I think vegemite is a wonderful addition to the "toolbox". Great umami!

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in Ireland its called marmite - i love it but its one of those things - love or hate...must try it though...

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and whilst similar they are not quite the same. People here will will be diehard one or the other, lol.  both have great flavour and are great B vitamin sources.  great added to a casserole or stew too!  interesting additive to bread though.


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This low carb bread was made with almond flour, psyllium for gum structure and eggs for protein structure. For this particular loaf, it was leavened with Baking Powder. Given all this, there is very little way to develop flavor since there is no fermentation and the products have very little innate flavor. The vegemite gave it a WONDERFUL fermented flavor. Because the bread is low carb, the crumb structure is more like a banana bread texture than a wheat bread structure. If you can't eat or choose not to eat wheat based/high carb bread, this is an acceptable alternative and actually grows on you. Especially when it tastes delicious.

Does Marmite taste different than vegemite? Is it still a salty, yeasty flavor?  I can get Marmite locally but the vegemite I used was a souvenir from 12 yrs ago! It is almost gone.

Bread (any kind) is so much fun!

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Abe (not verified)

And you either love it or hate it. It's supposed to be healthy and I once tried to aquire a taste for it but couldn't. Ended up giving the jar away after only having a couple of teaspoons. Having said that there are many things that one might not like but when they're a part of a recipe they can impart flavour without spoiling the final product. So while the thought puts me off I'm open to the idea it can still be good in a bread. For instance we do have marmite rice cakes which I quite like. Funny that!

One thing to watch out for is that these things have high salt content so you might wish to lower the salt percentage when adding yeast extract. 

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Here is my developing recipe, if anyone is interested in a Low Carb Bread/Keto.

This WAS in a table but cut/paste didn't retain the boxes. I hope it can be deciphered.

Any input appreciated. I have "broken bread" here long enough to know that I know there are a few low carb bakers that visit this site. I have used ALL my bread baking skill to try and understand what "bread" is to different people and have people in my life that have been appreciative of my efforts. Bread is SO missed by folks that can't/shouldn't have it. Almost more than chocolate! I love developing recipes of all kinds and really like giving the gift of bread to anyone that wants it. It is so much fun!

There is almost no technique to mixing this recipe. Pretty much-all ingredients at room temp, mix dry and wet separately before mixing together. Dump into well-greased pans,smooth,bake,cool,don't cut for 12-24 hours. Easy! Have some delicious fun! 


1 ½ Small loaf

(14 ounce volume pans)





Almond meal


2 cups

Psyllium husk-whole


¼ c

 (3 ¾ tbsp)

Baking powder


2 tsp


7 g

1 tsp

Melted butter/coconut oil


1.8 oz/

 3 tbsp


1 medium 52g


Egg whites

99g (from 3eggs)


Yeast(optional-more for flavor than rise)


2 tsp

Vegemite (OR Marmite? or nutritional yeast?)


½-1 tsp vegemite



½ c

Sugar/Syrup (optional-only if using yeast)


1 tsp








BAKE 350

1-1/2 HR







  • Activate instant dry yeast in warm water & sugar until foamy.

  • Let panned loaf rise for about 15 minutes in warm place.






Low carb bread behaves very much like high percentage rye-difficult to retain bubbles.


?Sour milk and baking soda to increase rise?  


Would like a small hole texture-like sandwich bread. This was a finer texture, almost like banana bread.


Add 2 tsp Xanthan gum for a little tougher,flexibility? Would this help to retain larger bubbles?


Cooled to tepid on side before de-panning-it tends to deflate or indent until cooled.


Probably need TDW of at least 900g for a regular sized bread pan with straight sides (like a GF pan). Bake 2 hours? Dough is very wet.


Prepare pan with generous grease or parchment paper.


Fill to almost top and wet and smooth/shape into a dome. It will not raise much and it won’t change shape from what you do.


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small enough jars.  I'm guessing they would sell more if the jars were empty.  Some the the greatest barf videos on youtube are of people eating vegemite for the first time.

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Abe (not verified)

Love your sense of humour Dabrownman. Haven't seen you around recently. Thank you for visiting us :)

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in weeks and weeks.  Danni's latest inspired me to bake a loaf early Thursday morning to take to cousin Jay's so he can have after Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches - the best part of Thanksgiving food.   Will try to post it before we leave to go to his place,

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There are Aussies that feel the same way about peanut butter!

The jar I have is only 40g-about 1 1/2 in tall and 1 1/2 in diameter. Hard to make a smaller jar. It is about 12 yrs old and 2/3rds gone, so I can't say I eat it regularly. I regard it as a great flavorant for casseroles, soup and now bread. For these oddball breads I'm experimenting with, it adds a very good flavor. Especially since they do not have wheat or even yeast, so there is otherwise little hope of developing flavor.

Don't knock it til you've tried it! It would be very good in Thanksgiving stuffing (but lower the salt!).