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Marco Vetri's Mastering Pizza

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Marco Vetri's Mastering Pizza

Yes, it's a pizza book, but for one, I think it's crazy to learn to make good bread dough and not extend that knowledge to pizza.

But mainly I'm shouting out this book because it has a couple of wonderful sections at the start about flour and grains, a passionate argument for whole wheat and milling your own, and a good run down of fermentation and the interplay of variables affecting fermentation.

The book in general is stunning, and some really interesting recipes. And pizza.

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Thanks, since there are so few sources of info on home milling, I will look into this book.   

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I really like the book...mostly for the passion, attitude, strong focus on dough, and detailed look at styles often skipped over, like Roman pizzas.

That said...he has some pretty questionable claims about the science of dough in a few spots...