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Bagel boiling appliance?

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Bagel boiling appliance?

howdy what is this called and where can I purchase a used one please.

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I do believe that is a steam jacket.

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I thought so as well but the sides are so thick compared to these 
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around the middle.  The kettle in the first picture may be jacketed all the way to the rim. 


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I see,  was neglecting to add the jacket part in my search.   I was just looking under steam kettle.  Thanx for your time.

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Hi there,


could you please check my Q about bagel in the general section please? Looks like you are pretty experienced in making. Thanks.

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Fernhorn Farm

That looks just like the boiler I used to use 25 years ago when I was a bagel baker. Just a giant pot essentially. Ours was gas fired with thick insulated walls made from stainless steel.